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Hello! My name is Mike Wayne   

Are You Ready to start a program that show You...

  •  Proven ways to boost your metabolism & burn more fat.

  • How to cleanse the body to eliminate cravings and increase energy levels.


  • Exercises that help tighten and tone the body.


  • How to transform your diet to maintain a healthy lifestyle and many more!...


Benefits of This Program

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Improved Fat Metabolism

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88 Pounds Down!

What can I say Mike is the best. After my second child I had gotten up to 240 pounds. I had never been that big in my life and I wasn't happy. So I started training with Mike. It didn't take long for me to start seeing results. I followed all of his suggestions about what to eat and he taught me how to do exercises correctly so I could do them my self when I went to the gym. I would definitely recommend Mike to anyone trying to make true lifestyle transformation.


80 Pounds Down!


Mike is the best trainer ever. When I started with Mike I was struggling to break a plateau. I'd already lost 20 pounds but I couldn't manage to get any lower. Thats when he put me on his program. He showed me what I was doing wrong in my diet and workouts. I have now lost a total of 70  pounds and have managed to keep it off for 2 years now. If you want to lose weight and keep it off you should be training with Mike! 


34 Pounds Down!


When I started training with Mike I didn't have much weight to lose but I really want to do something about my stomach. I just wasn't happy with it. I like to dress up and it seemed nothing I put on fit right. After doing Mike's class I have now lost 34 pounds and my clothes fit better than ever. Mike is an awesome trainer. He supports you lifts you up and keeps you motivated throughout your training and he never lets you quit. You better get with him.


44 Pounds Down!


Mike really is the best trainer and I'm not just saying that because Im his mom;) Before I joined class I was almost 50 pounds overweight. Mike kept hearing mention how I wanted to lose my stomach. And he Immediately made me start coming to class. Even though I take extra breaks in class which he hates ;) I have managed to lose 44 pounds by following what he tells me to do and showing up. You should definitely join his class he will get you right.



70 Pounds Down!


Since I was a child I have always been overweight and in my short 23 years of life, I cannot count the attempts I have made to get my weight under control. I had reached a breaking point earlier this year, when I stepped on the scale and it read 298lbs. I literally felt like disappearing into the ground. I was so ashamed of myself for allowing this to happen to me. My motivation this time was simple, I don’t want to die. But where to start? How do I maintain this? What shouldn’t I eat, what should I. So many questions I had and luckily I was directed to Mike Wayne. I met with him a week into my decision to make a change and we have been on fire since! Any questions that I have, Mike either already knows it or finds it out for me. He has held me accountable like none other and motivates me to continue! A fear that I had at the beginning was I wouldn’t be able to keep up with my training but, while my workouts have been challenging Mike has met me exactly where I am at. What I like most is he gives you the knowledge necessary to work out on your own. I had always been intimated when walking into the gym, because I had no idea what I was doing. That is no longer the case. Also his personalized meal plans and workouts make it light work to stay on track throughout the week. I HIGHLY recommend Mike to all of my friends a few of which have joined his boot camps (which I also attend) and personal train with him! And I highly recommend that you do as well. I am currently 70bs down and I am excited to continue my journey! 


50 Pounds Down!


Most people don't know it but at several point in my life I struggled with weight loss. When I was a kid I got upwards over 200 pounds. I managed to lose weight in high school. But the bad habits came back again in college. I used stress eating to cope with the workload. I lost the weight again. The last major time I struggle was when my grandmother passed in 2016. I fell back in to bad eating habits once again. But this time I had to do something. I knew she wouldn't want me to fall apart. So I cracked down and transformed myself the same way I help others. Everything improved my mind, body and spirit. And thats exactly what I want to help you achieve. Take from someone who's been where you are you can reach your goals of this I am certain.


"If you are ready to make a lifestyle transformation


and start living your best life.

 Life is too short not to take control today.


I can help YOU transform!!!





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